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General Contractors since 2004


Pastore Builders is an award-winning general contracting company that builds and renovates homes along the southern Rhode Island coastline.  We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and client-contractor relationships.  Our forward thinking and attention to finish detail early on in the building process help to alleviate many of the headaches that are characteristic of the industry.  


We love what we do and would be eager to be part of the team that brings your dream home to reality.   

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Attention to Detail


As we assume the role of team leader during the construction of your project, our top priority is seamlessly turning the design into reality.  While managing the backend - whether coordinating subcontractors, scheduling each part of the job in the most efficient way possible, or working with your architect to verify design plans - we think our top value as your general contractor is our attention to detail.  


To us, this is one of the most rewarding parts of our job because we believe the difference between good work and great work is in those details.  Maintaining the highest standard, we work above and beyond to satisfy our client's needs and the designer/architect's vision.  Our portfolio highlights some of our work as well as the extra challenges we've managed and the creative solutions we've taken along the way.  

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