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recently completed new construction

Third Beach Residence


Pastore Builders had a ton of fun building this home.  Not only was the client - builder relationship one of the best, but it turned out that using multiple exterior finish materials - board and batten siding, cedar shingles, a stone veneer foundation and the metal roof - really kept it interesting and fun.  The multiple gable ends arranged perpendicular to one another and the various finish materials work together to create this updated 'farmhouse meets seaside' look.  

We installed solar panels and an underground geothermal heating system, but in order to help our client achieve their goal of a net zero home, we needed to build an incredibly tight structure.  By exceeding industry standards for framing and finish tolerances, as well as taking care to seal and caulk all openings, the Pastore Builder team was able to do so.   Anthony Pastore is a constant presence on site since he enjoys taking part in every aspect of the job from framing to finish work, so "it's pretty easy to maintain quality control throughout the duration of the project when the boss is always in," he says.  

Check out this video of the spray foam install.


On the inside, we worked with the client and interior design team to flush out all of the finishes including the white oak flooring ('with a slightly finished but mostly unfinished finished look'), the 2-inch soapstone countertops ('with blue undertones, not green!'), the perfect shade of white trim against a new favorite wall color, "Milkshake," and a mix of metal finishes throughout.

Hear more from Anthony on the floor finish.

Check out the photos below to watch each phase of construction unfold:

(hover for description + click to enlarge)

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